The Miracle of Happiness, Simple, Daily Happiness


A couple of posts back, I mentioned I did a thing.

It was WAY out of my comfort zone, but after talking with family and being encouraged by them to do it, I did. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. I had really, really, REALLY hoped for this. It was made for me. It would be a personal accomplishment. But in the end, the other party did not have the same idea.

I was devastated.

After a bit of time to process it all, it’s now time to pick myself up and move on. I could choose to be sad, mad or disgusted and while I did experience some of those emotions, I am choosing to not be stuck there. No, I am choosing happiness.

  • That experience does not define me
  • My value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see my worth
  • I am lighting tomorrow with today

And THAT my friends is why, I am choosing happiness! The miracle of simple, daily happiness!

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