Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care is NOT selfish.

In today’s world, we schedule a time for everything, but how often do we schedule, time for self-care? My vote, is not that often, especially when we get so busy looking after everyone and everything else. At the end of our busy day, that was already over-scheduled, before all the extra, unexpected things popped up, we just want to go home and crash.

Or, we feel guilty for taking some “me time”.

I am often reminded when we fly on airplanes and the flight attendant goes through the safety procedures. We are instructed, if the oxygen masks should come down, to put them on ourselves first before putting the ones on in children in our care. At first thought, this seems counter-intuitive — surely we should look after others before attending to our own needs?
They go on though to explain if we look after ourselves first, we then have what we need to effectively look after others. It is the same principle as self-care. When we take the time to look after us — recharge our batteries so to speak, we are in a much better state to then look after others.

Self-care can take the form of many things, but it should be something we enjoy, something that lifts us and recharges our batteries. It could be a walk out in nature, a coffee date with a friend, a class, a massage, a pedicure or a weekend away.

What are some of the things you do for self-care?

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