Fourteen years!

The anniversary of my chronic illness that is . . .

Granted, not the type of anniversary one usually celebrates or looks forward to, but an anniversary nonetheless and an important one.

As I continue to move through this journey of recovery and restoration, I give regular pause to see the positives in this. I’m not saying being so sick is a positive thing but since it came to stay and I had to live with it, I am choosing to frame it in the best way possible.

In some ways, I am healthier than I was before.

  • My diet has improved
  • I handle stress better
  • I realize the importance of self-care
  • I realize self-care is not selfish but essential
  • I know tomorrow is not guaranteed so endeavour to make the most of each day
  • I am responsible for me
  • Nobody cares about my health more than I do

I am sure there are other things but that’s a good list for now!

Life does not respect our plans or wishes at all. It might not be what we would have chosen, but we can still choose which way to frame it.

For me, I choose happiness as I move into recovery!


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