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Hello and Welcome!

Glad you found me (and thanks for reading) !

I am working my way down the road to recovery, from two debilitating chronic illnesses. At my worst, I:

  • couldn’t recall my phone number and address (carried it on a piece of paper in my wallet and would copy from it when going to each new Dr.)
  • was bed-bound
  • needed help walking to the bathroom. If nobody was home to help, I crawled along the floor
  • had all-over body pain which felt like my limbs were made of lead plus every inch of my body was badly sunburned all while being stabbed by a million pins and needles all over my body – All at the same time
  • couldn’t stand the “pain” of shaking hands or having somebody brush up against me
  • was too weak to lift a book
  • was sleeping 15 – 20 hours per day and yet never felt refreshed. Many times I felt worse

Not willing to accept the Doctor’s words, “you will be like this for the rest of your life”, I set out to change my situation. I had young children still at home so needed to do whatever I could in order to raise them. My initial mindset was to decrease the severity of my symptoms, (after all the Dr. told me I would never improve) but I have done MUCH more than that.

I am now able to do all of those things I listed above and am working on further recovery. This is where this blog comes in. I will be sharing my journey. It will hopefully keep me accountable (and perhaps even some of you will help keep me accountable or we can help keep each other accountable )

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