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Are you needing a little camaraderie in the self-care area of your life?

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Many times, we push this aspect to the back burner of our life. We feel guilty for taking time for us when there are a bazillion other things all simultaneously screaming for our attention.


Sometimes we put it off to the end of our day, only to end up too tired for anything other than falling asleep on the couch.

While society and even our own mindset might be telling us this way is best, it is not. We do preventative care on our cars and our homes, so why not on ourselves? Imagine what would happen if we never changed the oil in our car or serviced the furnace in our house, leaving it until a problem occurred. We would not do that and we should not treat our bodies any differently.

This site is dedicated to helping you achieve life-balance and an optimum level of self-care. Crushing the chaos — one crumb at a time!