Music to My Soul


Organization ♥

Organization is Music to my soul.

When my world is organized, everything functions so much more smoothly and I feel at peace with the world.

It has not always been like that though.

When I was a kid, my dad claimed (which may or may not be true 😉 ) one needed a road map to get back out of my room once they had gone in.  He threatened to hang a sign on the door “Enter at your Own Risk”.

My locker at school required holding the stuff in with one hand, while shutting the door  with the other hand, all while making sure to pull the holding hand just in time.  It needed a lot of coordination to pull this off, let me tell you.  In addition, it was always interesting when I had to re-open the door!

As I got older though, I realized how much smoother my world ran when things were organized.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

This goes with all areas of my life, whether we’re talking finances, houses, kitchens, closets — you name it and it runs much better when it’s organized.

My biggest challenge would be closets.    I tend to put things in there because there are doors which I can shut.  Out of sight, out of mind — except, I don’t want to get to the above-noted locker scenario all over again – ha!  Hence my struggle!

What things to you struggle with most when it comes to organization?


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