Universal Healthcare is not Universal

It doesn’t mean healthcare for all. It’s only for those with conditions that fit in the highly defined box.

I have come to learn this is a surprise to many people. They have no idea people like me exist!

I am not in any way slamming our universal health care system. On the contrary — I am extremely grateful for it. We would be lost without it and I was thankful to be able to avail myself of these services, tests and medical professionals while trying to get diagnosed. Over the years, many family members have had their lives saved because of it. When, and if, I should need these services, I know they will be there for me. This is reassuring and I am thankful.

This post is not to slam that system at all, but rather to illustrate to the unaware, that services they see as unnecessary and luxury, are in fact none of those for many people. Simply put, just because one doesn’t require certain services, does not mean it’s that way for everyone. I was once in that category, but it changed in a matter of minutes when my Dr. said immediately after diagnosing me, “There’s nothing further we can do for you.” That started me on my present-day health journey which has led me to these “alternative” therapies. Except they are not alternative, luxury or unnecessary for me and countless others – they are a way of life, our only health control and our only pain control.

The other day, I heard a person call massages “frivolous”. They went on to say massages are something people can do without, a waste of money and that people could save a ton of money if they’d stop having them.

This was extremely troubling and difficult to hear because, for people who rely on massage as part of their health and pain control, they are not frivolous. Just the opposite– they are a necessity. Why not tell people who rely on painkillers or other pharmaceuticals, they could save a lot of money if they’d stop taking them and that they are being “frivolous” by taking them.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Neither is a “luxury” and both are a necessity. While they are different, they are the same. They both offer the same results.

It didn’t end there though. Another person was shocked to learn I do not have, what most people consider ‘health care’, available to me. There are services, just not the services I need. There’s not much sense in taking your car to the windshield replacement shop when it’s new tires the car needs. Because of that, I have not cost the system one cent in many years even though I’ve incurred a substantial amount of healthcare costs.

It was the same during the early days of Covid. Our governments shut down massage and acupuncture. Chiropractors were “allowed” to treat emergencies only. The government did not, however, shut down pharmacies.

Why were some methods of health and pain control shut down while others were allowed to stay open and operate? It’s difficult enough when not all health care is considered “health care”, not included in the “universal plan” and must be funded out of pocket, but this takes it to an even lower level.

We all have different requirements and not everything works for every person. Who gets to choose and decide which people and which conditions matter, which people deserve care and help and which ones don’t? This is a slippery slope because while we might not fall into this “other” category today, we very well could tomorrow, finding ourselves without the care and help we need. Nobody knows what lies around the corner.

Above all, remember:

It’s not a one size fits all. Don’t judge what you do not know. These forms of health care help many people and perhaps even you one day.

ALL healthcare needs to be respected!

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