Content Scraping – NOT Cool !!

Do you know the impact of content theft on your reputation and your brand?
(Hint: It’s not good)

I’m back — did y’all miss me?!  👀

Several days ago, I found out that some of my content from this blog had been stolen and passed off as someone else’s work. It was re-posted on their blog and labelled as being written by them.

Not cool.

Seeing as this is a blog about my journey, it makes it even more bizarre but for whatever reason, it was pinched. It wasn’t just one post either, it was several.

I have since been able to have the situation rectified but still, not cool. Why steal the work of someone else and then pass it off as your own? Doing this has a major, negative impact on your reputation and your brand. It gathers followers who aren’t resonating with you but with someone else. Why not do your own work and have your own followers — people who value you and your work?

Be authentic! You are worth it!

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