Good To Go!

In what is the final instalment in all of this (I am hoping anyway!), I was able to talk to the last provider. As I’d hoped, a workaround was already in place at the clinic, so the situation did not need too much bending.


I will switch to this workaround, and while I will lose a bit of my current treatment, the crucial therapy I need will still be in place.

Again, Phew!

For now, I will also keep to the current schedule of one per month. Going forward, if things change with the other providers, I will have to cut back on this, as well as the other treatments, but I’m trying to not stress about this right now. A lot can happen between now and then, right? The universe keeps giving me all these opportunities to learn how to not pre-stress but, I always fail lol. Oh well, there is always a first time and who knows, perhaps this time IS it! Time will tell!

This whole situation, along with the time it’s taken to process and resolve it, has been very stressful (I may have previously mentioned this 😉 ). There were many different facets to it and trying to figure them all out has been challenging (to put it mildly). I feel so bad about how some of the people involved were treated and this aspect was probably the most difficult for me. Truly heartbreaking. While it has all taken a toll on my body and caused me to lose a bit of ground, I have been here before. Fortunately, I have always been able to recover this lost ground so am hoping it will be the case this time too.

On the positive side though, I can now continue to move forward with my recovery!!

Woo Hoo!!

Since the road now looks clear, I’ve booked a session with the personal trainer!!!

Double Woo Hoo!!

I Can Do This!!

I AM going to DO this!!

Sooo Excited!!!

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