(not ever!)

  • Grateful
  • Thankful
  • Humbled

I am feeling all of these today as I recall the events of this past week.

Twists and turns, starts and stops all while doing back flips — it ended up nothing like it started out as.

Have I mentioned how much I love my health team? In case I haven’t mentioned it before — I absolutely do. It bears repeating — I am humbled, thankful and grateful by their generosity, their genuine caring for me and their extreme level of professionalism. It has all left me beyond words.

My first appointment was not as intricately intertwined in and around the situation so it was a bit easier to navigate. I explained my situation to her and the solution I had devised. I figured that would be the end of it but no, this healthcare provider immediately offered to help in a way I had not even considered. Not even for a moment. It had never ever even occurred to me on any level and I was totally and completely and utterly blown away. Caught off guard, emotion overtook me and I was in tears (happy tears mind you, but still not my usual style). I needed to think it through, but this solution would give me more wiggle room.

The second appointment would be a lot more complicated and to be honest, I was quite nervous heading into it. There were a few connections that had to be considered and worked around plus this one was central to the whole situation. However, once again, I was totally and completely blown away by the level of humanity and professionalism extended to me. Given the situation, this person had every reason to handle it completely differently and I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. Instead though, he chose to put that aside. Simply amazing and I was once again left in happy tears (only this time managed to hold off until I had left his office).

I felt so undeserving of the grace, understanding and help both of these people extended to me. I am still in awe of it all.

There is still one healthcare professional to consult and work things out with. Based on the way this has worked out, I am not going to presume anything here but there is a legitimate work around here, so even in the worst-case scenario, we can do this without putting either of us out.

I will leave this post as I started it . . .

  • Grateful
  • Thankful
  • Humbled

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