Road To Recovery

I am determined to continue on my road to recovery.

I still do not know how my healthcare is going to go. Knowing that would certainly help, but it is yet to be determined for a few reasons. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, ideally, I would like to work with a personal trainer. However, I need support from the rest of my healthcare team and until I know if I can continue to receive it, I will have to wait.

If the bottom falls out and I can’t continue on with them, I will need to find a different way. I’m thinking instead of waiting to see, I should get busy and devise that different way now. If I don’t need it, that’s fine but if I do, I will already have it in place or at least be on the road to putting it into place. If I wait, then I will have lost valuable time.

I am even more determined than ever now!!!

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