Another Small-ish Setback

Given I am (still) waiting for the hammer to fall, I am under a considerable amount of stress. Not knowing which way my healthcare (and subsequently health) is going to swing, it is understandable. It is what it is, but being so tense and tight, I put my back out in a major way by doing absolutely nothing.

Yay! Go me!!

It was a painful day and by evening, even lying down in bed my back would start spasming out of control for no reason. Getting up out of bed was a challenge and on the first day, it took me TWO hours, trying an vast array of approaches and attempts, all with no success. Eventually, I got up but not without experiencing immense spasms and pain. I didn’t leave our second storey for three days and it’s been a slow recovery period since.


I’ve had a massage and a couple of chiro appts which have helped immensely. My chiro and massage therapist were so understanding and supportive, which made the treatments very helpful. While I’m almost back to normal, my back is still a bit twingy (that is — of course — a word 😉 ) and I am nervous of re-injuring it so I am proceeding with caution.

Regardless, I am not about to let this small (in the grand scheme of things) setback push me off my track. Determined I have been to this point and determined I will continue to be on this journey. Once the hammer has fallen (hopefully soon), I can start to put things back into place for myself.

Ultimately, I would love to start working out with a personal trainer (whom I have already visited a couple of times) but I will need the support of my current healthcare team and with what is most likely to happen from the falling hammer, I doubt this will be doable. I will need to find another route, unfortunately. Oh well – not much I can do about this so I will need to (and I will) find another route around this. I am getting anxious to get going and keep moving forward in this forward journey I am on. I am getting frustrated with waiting for the hammer to fall. It’s not in my control though, so wait I will have to do!

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