Random Act of Kindness

There is still a lot of love and great people in the world!

Yesterday it was raining and dull so off we went for a drive. Along the way, we decided to stop at a food truck. After my husband ordered, he found out it was cash only and since he had none, came back to the car to see if I had some. I didn’t either and our frantic search that followed only yielded $10 in change. Not enough to cover our order (embarrassing! lol).

When he went back to the truck to change or cancel our order, the woman behind in the line had already paid for us! She even asked if we wanted more/larger sizes! Not only that, but another woman in line was also offering to pay. She wouldn’t even take the money we did have, instead, she insisted on paying for the whole thing.

This put a huge smile on our faces for the rest of the day but also has me thinking. Random acts of kindness — something I could get into. Stay tuned for this! I’m still in the thinking and planning stages but I definitely have something in the works for this!

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