Comparison – So Overrated!

Cake Trufflle Pops

Stop comparing yourself with others! Seriously, we can be — and are — our own worst enemy. We are not others. We don’t lead their lives. We don’t deal with their problems. Even though their social media might look glamourous and wonderful, their lives might not be like that. Even if we are at a place where we want to get better, we’re trying everything possible we can think of and nothing is really working.

Try to keep the focus on what you are achieving or have achieved, rather than on what you haven’t been able to achieve, YET. Personally, when I visit a new healthcare partner, I am sure to tell them where I started and how far I have come, rather than telling them what I can now do. If I start there, it sounds rather lacklustre but considering where I started, I have come a long way. It is not nearly what everyone can else do and while it can be easy to get caught up on that, it is imperative I keep my focus on what I have achieved.

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