Be The Best YOU Can Be!

I know this sounds very cliche, but it is true!

We are all at different points in our lives and no matter which one you are at, be the best you can be without comparing yourself to anyone else!

Easier said than done, I know – but we have no idea how they are actually doing. Social media can be extremely deceiving, so focus on yourself, your path and let their path’s direction, fall on them.

Letting go of the comparing and trying to measure up to everyone else is SO FREEING! It gives you more time and energy to focus on YOU!

Whether you find yourself in a major flare, struggling to get through the day or are feeling quite well and on top of your game or somewhere in between, be the best you can be in your current circumstances.

 If this is a period where you aren’t doing so well — give yourself grace. You did not ask for your illness, condition or circumstance and giving yourself grace goes a long way. Congratulate yourself for being able to get through your day in the face of pain. Many people can’t deal with brief episodes of pain so to live with it every day is a huge accomplishment! 

 If, on the other hand, you are in a good period, take joy in that. Perhaps this would be a good time to prepare an extra freezer meal for one of those times you aren’t doing so well. 

Whatever point you find yourself currently at, be the best YOU can be for this day. 

You’ve got this!

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