Head West!

As I’ve mentioned previously — 2018 has not been a great year so pushing it back to show it who is boss, we decided to head out west.

Just the two of us.

No kids.

No schedule.

No deadlines.

Just us heading into the wild west.


We loaded up

the Chevy


and headed off

inthe direction

of the sunset.



Ontario is a BIG province and it took two full days — 8 to 10 hours of driving each day just to get out of Ontario.  Phew!  Northern Ontario is a pretty drive though — there is nothing like the shores of Lake Superior.  We could have opted for a quicker route through the USA, but wanted to experience the beauty of the north.  On the road by 6 am (we are morning people!) and off we went.  We packed a picnic lunch and ate it while watching the mighty Superior.

Beautiful.  Breathtaking.  Rocks, trees and gorgeous landscapes.  Not to mention, that fresh clean air we’ve been missing (we used to live on the east coast, in the country but now are in the city ’nuff said ’bout that! 😉 )

Listening to tunes.  Lots of laughs. On our own time — relaxing, refreshing and just what we both needed.

Next Post:  Beyond our Provincial Border

Have you ever visited Northern Ontario?  Likes? Dislikes?



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