The Cycle of Life



I was going to entitle this post “Death” but decided that was  much too stark so went with The Cycle of Life instead.

I’ve been neglecting this blog (sorry about that!).   My father passed away in March and with so many loose ends and emotions etc. to deal with, my inspiration and writing has taken a back seat.  Actually, to be totally honest, it’s vanished into thin air.

During these past months,  I’ve done a lot of thinking and reflecting about life on many different levels.  Although the days are long (or can be), the years are short and the older I get, the more truth this holds.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my dad’s life  (and to some extent my mom’s life, even though she died almost 30 years ago).  The first half of his life was extremely difficult, yet he managed to turn the last half totally around.  He finished on a grand note.   My dad and the life he lived were (and are) an inspiration to me.  This time of reflection has shown me I really need to change things up and change them up a lot.  Because of this, the direction of this blog will be changing.

Stay tuned and journey with me as I endeavour to live this life I’ve been given and to live it to the fullest way possible.



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