Pretzel Twists & Turns — My Beginning Journey

I’ve always been an organized person who thrived on details.  The more details there were,  the better I loved it.  It was a challenge, which I gladly met head on, slaying them as they came along.

I wpexels-photo-315499.jpegas a busy wife,  a homeschooling mom to three kids and a chocolatier.  Everything in our life was going well.  We were all healthy and happy.  Finances were ok too.  My husband had a job and while it was stressful, it was at least secure.  Seeking adventure and wanting to fulfill a dream, we decided to sell our home, pack everything up and move 3000 kms away so we could live on the edge of the ocean.

That’s where our plan came to an abrupt stop and then veered off the course we’d planned.  It took many sharp hairpin, pretzel-like twists and turns.  What a roller coaster ride it was!

Things like:

  • Debilitating unknown illness struck me
  • A close family member died shortly after we’d signed the sale papers of our home
  • That person’s affairs were in a HUGE mess that we were left to straighten out
  • There were also several, sticky, tangly  situations that person had been involved in but did not tell anyone.  SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!     More to straighten out…
  • Issues surfaced around the closing up of details at our then location
  • Job in our new location didn’t happen
  • Finances were beyond tight (5 mouths to feed, no income)
  • I continued to grow weaker as I got more and more ill.  Visited many doctors and specialists, had test after test with no answers as to what was wrong
  • I could barely get out of bed.  Kids and my husband had to pick up all the slack — cook meals, laundry, clean, dishes, grocery shop etc.
  • Homeschooling had to continue
  • After almost two years, diagnosis came with the news it was chronic illness and would not get any better than I was.

Not even close to the way we’d planned our new adventure, but a life we had to continue to lead nonetheless.   We had a choice to make — throw up our hands or try to continue on.

We chose the latter.   It was (and continues to be) a very LONG, straight-up-the-hill-on-a-continual-curve climb out.   One step forward, three back and so on.  Many setbacks and many times I felt like giving up some days.

Thankfully I didn’t though.

I started with the tiniest amount of strength I could muster up and moved forward from there.  Baby steps at first, but today I am in a much better place on many different levels and areas, than I ever was before.   It’s not the journey I would have chosen for myself and our life but if we had to go through it, I am thankful for the many lessons it has taught me and for the person I have become.

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