Stories, Chapters and Self-Care

Life stories.  Different experiences of how and why we are where we are, yet similar because they’ve shaped us into who we are today.

Different yet Similar.

I must admit, it took me awhile (ok, a good long while!) to learn that I am not super woman and even more important, I don’t need to be.  I learned this the hard way mind you and it was a difficult lesson to learn.

Basically, I went kicking and screaming as I had to give up my ways but when change is the only way there is, then change it must be.

I cringe now when I hear people, quite often women, go through their over-burdened, over-worked and over-crowded days.   They make it sound like being tired and worn out is some sort of prize.    They laugh and joke about it and wear it like some sort of badge of honour.

“I don’t have time to get sick.”

“I have no time to think about myself.”

Uh huh.

You may think you have no time to get sick or to think about yourself, but if and when sickness or a break down comes calling, time will make itself.  There will be no choice involved.

Believe me, it pexels-photo-237756.jpegtakes one moment in time for everything and life as you know it, to come crashing down and once that happens, there may be no going back.

I know of what I speak — I had this happen to me in a big way, (which I will talk more about, in future posts), but suffice it to say it was a horrible, difficult lesson to learn.

So take some time for yourself today.

  • Pour yourself a cup of your favourite beverage.
  • Have a long hot bubble bath.
  • Take a nap?
  • Read your favourite blog (maybe even this one!)
  • Go for coffee with a friend
  • Perhaps all of the above!?!?

Whatever you choose to do, please remember to take time for self-care.  It’s important to you and it’s important to the people who love you.  Taking some time for yourself now is not selfish, not in the least.  Just the opposite in fact.  It refreshes you which will benefit them — both in the short-term as well as the long-term.  It increases the chances you’ll be there for them longer.  But, if you’re burned out, too sick — or worse — you won’t be much good to them or you.   (I wish someone had explained this to me!)

Our life stories turn into chapters when we practice self-care!

What are your favourite methods of self-care?  Looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers!

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